LCD Graphic Equalizer

With a Digispark and MSGEQ7 break-out board.

I recently backed a Kickstarter for a Seven Channel Graphic Equalizer Breakout Board for Arduino from a company called cenTex Photonics. I should be receiving it soon. It uses an IC from Mixed Signal Integration (MSI) called the MSGEQ7. This IC takes an analog signal input and provides an analog output representing the amplitude in each of seven different frequency bands. I thought it would be fun to tinker with.

For this project, I used a
Digispark and an I2C LCD Shield Kit, both from Digistump. I also did some looking around on eBay and found another MSGEQ7 breakout board. The cool thing about the one I found on eBay, is that you can solder a 3.5mm audio jack right to the board.

Schematic of circuit:

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Here's a decent video for testing it:

MSGEQ7 Datasheet

Component List:
MSGEQ7 breakout board from cenTex Photonics for $10.00 from

MSGEQ7 breakout board from madeatrade for $12.95 on eBay

Digispark for $8.95 from

I2C LCD Shield for $17.95 from

I also picked up three stereo audio jacks for $0.99 from While these audio jacks were very inexpensive, I would probably find another source for them. It took weeks for them to arrive from Asia.

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