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  Our 2002 Durango SUV with 2005 25' Keystone Springdale Travel Trailer
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These are dealer photos of the trailer.

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Model 245FBL Floorplan

120 VAC/12 VDC Power Converter/Battery Charger System with Retractable power cable & 12 VDC Battery, Gas Hot Water Heater with Winter shutoff/bypass valve, Auto AC/Gas Refrigerator/Freezer, Kitchen Counter with Double Sink/UnderCounter Storage & Overhead Cabinets, Gas 3 Burner Kitchen Stove/Oven/Vent Fan, 120 VAC Microwave Oven/Clock, 12 VDC Lighting, Ground Fault Protected AC Outlets in Bathroom/Dinette/Outside, Smoke Alarm, Propane Alarm, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, TV Shelf, Crank-up Winegard Amplified TV Antenna/Cable system with 12 VDC TV Power Jack, 12 VDC AM/FM Stereo, Jackknife Sofa & Dinette Beds with underbed storage, Overhead Storage Cabinets, Rear Bath/Shower/Sink & Wardrobe Storage, Roof A/C Unit, Vinyl Floors, Bedroom with Queen Bed Vanities Curtains & Overhead Cabinets, Double Lock Entry Door & Foldup Steps, Outside Lockable Storage Room, Outside Patio Awning & AC Outlet, Thermostat Controlled 12 VDC Forced Air Gas Furnace with three floor vents, Manual Hitch mounted leveling jack, Breakaway Switch/Cable for Electric Brakes, Safety Chains, Standard Truck/Trailer Battery/Brake/Signal Connection Cable, Reese Load Equalizing Hitch, Dual 20 lb Propane Gas Cylinders with automatic switched regulator & double cover, Fresh Water Tank/Pump System with under floor drain cocks, Black/Grey Water Tanks with Fluid Level Monitors & Sewer Drain Valves, Sewer Hose Storage in Capped Rear Bumper.

Added to Trailer:
Second 12 VDC Marine Battery (150 AH total), Extra 12 VDC fused cigar lighter power jack, Extra 50 foot 120 VAC 30A extension Cord, Extra 50A to 30A Adapter Cable, Extra 20A to 30A Adapter Cable, 12 VDC Dinette Flourescent light, Switched Amplified Winegard or Outside Cable TV Connection with 25 foot extension cable, Outdoor Carpet on all vinyl floors in trailer, Outdoor Patio Lights stored under Jackknife Sofa, 120 VAC Vent Fan in Bathroom, Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer, Anchored TV and Digital Converter, Velcro Secured Vanity Lamps in Bedroom, Water Hose & Pressure Reducer, Water Pump antifreeze fill hose to siphon a gallon of antifreeze into pipes for winter, Red Turn Signal Warning Lamps on trailer sides, Wood Wheel Blocks, New Wheel Hub Caps, Extra long Sewer Hoses/Adaptors/Fittings and Adjustable Hose supports, Rear trailer backup/manual switched lamp connected to tow vehicle backup lamps, Rear Fold Down Spare Tire/Cover, One Front & Two Rear Jackstands with plywood bases, Two Burner Coleman Outdoor Foldup Propane Gas Grill with a small propane gas canister or to a 25 foot Quick Disconnect Gas Hose/Low Pressure Propane Gas Supply Valve.

Added in Durango SUV:
Heavy Duty 1000 CCA Battery supplied by existing 200 Amp Alternator, Trailer Brake Controller wired to SUV Brakes, 12/120V Electric Cooler, 12/120V Inverters, 120 VAC Air Compressor with pressure guage, Wheel Lug Nut Torque Wrench & DVD video, CB Radio & Antenna, Laptop Computer, FRS Walkie/Talkie Radios, Jumper Cables, Tow Strap, U-Haul Adaptors, Wire, Tools, Tire Tools, Digital Voltmeter, Digital Air Gauge, Hitch Cap/Pin, Rear Mud Flap, Various Tools Power Adaptors/Extension Cords Hoses Rugs & Supplies.

Weighed June 2006 at St Peters QT scales (weighed Front, Rear, & Trailer axles).
Trailer & Durango SUV fully loaded with supplies, tools, and 4 heavy passengers.
Trailer GVWR is 6020 lbs (1375 lbs/wheel, 5500 lbs total) (actual was 5100 lbs).
Each Trailer Axle GVAR is 2750 lbs (actual was about 2600 lbs, 1300 lbs/wheel).
Each Trailer Tire Weight Limit is 1760 lbs at 50 PSI max (1400 lbs at 40 PSI is OK).
Durango GVWR is 6400 lbs (actual was about 6200 lbs).
Durango Front axle GVAR is 3600 lbs (actual was about 3000 lbs).
Durango Rear axle GVAR is 3850 lbs (actual was about 3200 lbs).
Durango Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) max is 7550 lbs (actual was 5100 + hitch 600 lbs).
Durango Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) max is 12200 lbs (actual 11580 lbs).
Durango Tire Weight Limit is 2337 lbs each at 35 PSI max (2000 lbs at 30 PSI is OK).