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  Tim Randall's Games (Updated 5/04/2007)
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Sudoku is very easy when you use this Sudoku program. Click on the link to Download and run it.
Move your mouse cursor over any of the top buttons to see the tool tip help for that button.
You may enter your puzzle from a newspaper or book and "Lock" the starting digits, or just
click any website day button then "Fill" the remaining boxes with all the possible digits.
Select the "Checking" box if you want this program to check your changes for any conflicts.
A single digit box may be locked by right-clicking it to remove other row and column digits.
You may edit unlocked digits by left-clicking on a box then backspace, delete, or over-type.
You may undo, save, or reload any of the changes that you have made.

Note: A "Saves" folder will appear on your desktop or in the folder where Sudoku.exe runs.
It will contain a "Soduko.ini" file that is used by the program to keep saved information.

Have fun!
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