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07-30-2016 Death of McAir Co-Worker on July 6th From Tony Dalske via E-mail:
Richard L "Dick" Kitchen Obituary

07-04-2016 From Chris Tiemann on Facebook:
Dan was born 11-21-1952 in Richmond, IN was married 09-01-1979 & died 07-02-2016 at age of 63 in Florissant, MO
Daniel F "Dan" Tiemann Obituary

06-09-2016 Honeywell Group News
14 Honeywell Friends & Spouses dined together at the Los 3 Compadres Restaurant in Weldon Springs, MO
Tony Dalske, Dale Randall, Dave Dunbar, Bill Jennings, Sue Jennings, Jan Pedersen, Carol Dunbar,
Liz Proctor, Tootie Yeoman, Charlotte Lindner, Tom Yeoman, Duane Tornes, & Larry Pedersen were present.

6-9-16 Group Photo taken by Rudy Puckett

03-05-2015 Honeywell Group News
16 former Honeywell co-workers & Spouses dined together at the Sports Cafe in Bridgeton, MO
Duane Tornes, Liz Proctor, Larry/Jan Pedersen, Tom/Tootie Yeoman, Roger/Carole Hennen,
Ann Phelps, Jack/Laura Cohen, Tony/Sherry Dalske, Horace Walcott, & Dale Randall were present.
A new guest was Bill Jolley from St Charles. He is now working as a contract engineer at Boeing.

3-5-15 Group Photo 1 taken by Dale
3-5-15 Group Photo 2 taken by Dale

12-31-2014 Jane Schaffer News
Jane has moved back into her home in Warner Robins. Her cell phone is 636 627 9692
She got her furniture moved back from Saint Charles to her home in Warner Robins after Christmas.
Her contacts are or

10-16-2014 Dale & Jeff Randall, on vacation, were in an Arkansas Passenger Train Accident
Train Wreck News Links

09-10-2014 Ten former Honeywell co-workers & friends had lunch together
at O'Charley's Restaurant, located @ 3995 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, St Peters, MO. Duane Tornes,
Liz Proctor, Rudy/Margie Puckett, Larry/Jan Pedersen, Bill/Sue Jennings (visiting from Florida),
Dale Randall, and Tony Dalske were present. A free piece of pie & good get-together was had by all.

09-04-2014 Twenty former Honeywell co-workers & friends had lunch together
at the Sports Café located @ 3579 Pennridge Bridgeton, MO.
New guests were Bill Cowley from Dardene Prarie (O'Fallon, MO),
Jack/Laura Cohen from St Peters MO, Horace Walcott from St Louis MO,
Stanley/Dianna White from Phoenix AZ and Ann Scott from Phoenix AZ

09-04-2014 Sports Café Lunch Photos
Group photo taken by Bill Cowley
Stanley White photo taken by Bill Cowley

08-14-2014 Mary Randall Obituary
Mary Ann Randall Obituary August 14, 2014

03-24-2014 Lenora May Schmidt (Beauregard) Obituary
Lenora Beauregard Obituary March 23, 2014

03-23-2014 Larry Martin Obituary
Larry Franklin Martin Obituary March 23, 2014

03-19-2014 From Jane Schaffer on Facebook:
Dan Schaffer died on March 7, 2014 in his sleep. I woke up about 6 A.M. and he was not breathing.
I was in shock ..... he had been sick for 2 and 1/2 years but really sick for six months.
He had been in and out of the hospital for over 1 month including his bladder surgery.
After that he was in Charlesvois Health Center for another two months.
Hospice brought him home to our apartment in Febuary and I know he was
happier being at home but the fight to get better ended sooner than I expected.
Thanks for all the sympathy card and phone calls.
We love you and hope you will continue to stay in touch with me.
His body was donated to Logan College on March 7, 2014 for scientific research.
His ashes will be returned to me in a year or so.
There will probably be a burial of the ashes at Jefferson Baracks.
Love u,

01-28-2014 Patricia Ann Gehan obituary
Patricia Ann Gehan Obituary January 28, 2012

09-05-2013 Fielding Schulz Obituary
Robert Fielding Schulz (McAir) Obituary September 5, 2013

04-30-2012 John Robison Obituary
MSgt John "Robbie" S. Robison, USAF (Ret) Obituary April 30, 2012

06-09-2012 Larry and Jan Pedersen 50th Anniversary
50th Anniversary Streaming Movie

50th Anniversary Movie (download file)
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You will also need the latest Quick Time, VLC, or Microsoft Media Center program to view it.

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06-03-2009 lunch with Larry & Jan Pedersen
14 former Honeywell/McAir employees & friends had lunch with Larry & Jan Pedersen at the St Charles Cracker Barrel.
View any photo by clicking on its link. You may copy the photo by right clicking on it and selecting "Save Picture As..."
Top row: Larry Pedersen, Dave Goedken, Dale Randall, Jack Cohen, Duane Tornes, and Tom Yeoman.
Bottom row: Lynne Miller or Bob Padella, Tootie Yeoman, Ann Phelps, Jan Pedersen, Laura Cohen, Jane Schaffer and Dan Schaffer.

6-3-09 Group Photo 1 taken by Bob
6-3-09 Group Photo 2 taken by Bob

6-3-09 Group Photo 3 taken by Lynn
6-3-09 Group Photo 4 taken by Lynn

05-22-2009 Jerry & Mary Mullins Anniversary
05-02-2009 Dale & Mary Randall Anniversary
2008 George McKay and Stan White
10-11-2008 Honeywell Picnic (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

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